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  • All listed times are California local time.
  • Pay with Venmo (@willhines) or Paypal (@whines@gmail.com)
  • Classes are held over Zoom
  • LATE DROP POLICY: If you are enrolled, and you drop within 12 hours of the start of the workshop, you still must pay. Before that, full refund available.

Character Gym: Pitch and Play

In this 3 hour workshop, you will pitch an idea for a character or two, then we'll work together to find the fun, expand and heighten. After that you’ll do some writing exercises to get specific and write a monologue or scene. Finally, we’ll share our work with each other!

Thu Aug 27 6pm-9pm (PDT)

$50 USD, 1 (of 8) enrolled, 0 waiting

Currently Registered:
Amy Funk

Teacher: Kat Palardy

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